Why Women’s Ministry Matters

In my last blog “Why Churches Need Women’s Ministry” I addressed some of the reasons I believe women’s ministry is vital to the local church.

In this blog I will provide 2 points on why the local church matters, and how women’s ministry within the church can help fulfill its’ mission.

In his article Why the Local Church Really Mattersauthor, Tim Challies lists  reasons the local church matters. He found these reasons in the book “Church in Hard Placeswritten by Mez McConnell and Mike McKinley. The following 2 reasons the local church matters are taken from McConnell and McKinley’s book. I have then applied these reasons specifically to women’s ministry in a local church context.

The local church is the way God intends to accomplish his mission in the world.

Women’s ministry within the local church can help accomplish God’s mission in the world. 

I interpret God’s mission to the world as the great commission, to go into all the world and preach the gospel.

Here are some ideas on how to facilitate sharing the gospel through women’s ministry:

Host outreach minded events

Women are often great at inviting other women to join in what they are already doing. Hosting women’s events that are seeker friendly can provide a great opportunity for women to invite an unchurched neighbour or friend. Having an event to attend together can provide a great opportunity for conversation and an introduction to other women who love Jesus. These conversations may pave the way to an opportunity to share the gospel.

Outreach minded events I have helped facilitate:

  • Supper at Hugo’s (a local Mexican restaurant – once/month drop in supper)
  • Paint Night
  • Progressive Supper
  • “The War Room” movie night
  • Stories Events where women from our church shared their testimonies of difficult things in their lives that God led them through
  • Ladies Christmas Brunch – one year one of the hostesses filled a table with women from her neighbourhood who were not believers

Other ideas on facilitating outreach within women’s ministry include:

  • Teaching women to share their testimonies and how to share the gospel
  • Evangelism training including how to start gospel centered conversations
  • Women’s missions trips to orphanages and other women’s homes or shelters

The local church is where the believer grows.

Women’s ministry within the local church is one-way God can facilitate growth in a woman’s life.

Here are some ideas on how to facilitate spiritual growth within women’s ministry:

  • offering opportunity for women to lead or participate in women’s bible studies
  • moms’ groups
  • programs teaching women to teach the bible such as Simeon Trust 
  • women’s retreats
  • women’s care groups
  • large group events such as worship nights, guest speakers teaching biblical principles
  • providing women the opportunity to serve within women’s ministry

Please keep in mind when facilitating small groups, that leaders must foster authenticity if true spiritual growth is to happen. It is easy to give “Sunday School” answers.  By this I mean tell the teacher what she wants to hear, instead of what is really thought or felt. Groups that allow individuals to share their true selves will foster true spiritual and personal growth. While sometimes the true is messy, we must be willing to allow the truth into the light, so we can walk with others through it.

Also see “Why Churches Need Women’s Ministry”

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