Use What You Love to Do for God’s Glory

Use What You Love for God’s Glory

I heard a great story yesterday I thought I should share. My husband Dave and I love pickleball. A great sport with a stupid name. Took me a whole year of him pestering me to join because I couldn’t get past the name. He finally wore me down and now I’m hooked. Simply it is a little like tennis, table tennis and badminton only played with a wiffle ball and raquet a little bigger than a table tennis racquet. You should try it!

While playing pickleball yesterday in Chilliwack,  a fellow player told me about the resort he recently stayed at in Puerto Vallarta, where another Canadian rents the courts for 6 months for daily pickleball play. Everyone puts in 50 pesos per day of play. This is a reasonable amount but that’s not the point. The gentleman who organizes this pays the 6 month court rental, and then donates all the remaining funds to help hungry kids in Puerto Vallarta through Salvation Army there. Last year the equivalent of over $1000.00 CAN was donated to the Salvation Army in the form of Costco gift cards so they could buy food for hungry children.

In the Gifted for Purpose Workshop I talk about “What’s in Your Hand”. This principle asks simply “what is readily available to you that God could use to bless another?” This generosity can be carried out in countless ways. The possibilities are endless.

For those who love to play pickleball on holidays in Puerto Vallarta it is a win/win. The players get to do what they love and the kids win with free food.

What is in your hand that you might use to bless another?

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