Seventh Roadblock to Effective Women’s Ministry – Trying to Lead Alone


Good leaders should always be working themselves out of a job. How do they do this? Bring other leaders alongside and train them in what you do and how to do it.

Lies Women Leaders Often Believe:

1. No one really wants to help so I should do it all myself.

Any leader taking on too much will either burn out, or come to resent the people she serves. Invite others to serve and share the load.

2. I can do the job better myself.

Leaders are often very capable in many areas. However, no one person is good at everything. Delegate to your weak areas to others good in that area and watch them shine.

3. I should keep saying yes.

The truth is when we step in to do something we shouldn’t, we may be enabling someone else to say no, who should be saying yes. Sometimes we fill holes that should remain undone, until someone else decides to step up. Leaders doing too much are setting ministry up to fail, if they need to step down.

4. Asking for help is a weakness.

I have come to believe that it takes strength and courage to ask for help. We may be robbing someone of a blessing, if we don’t allow them to help us.

5. If I let others know my weaknesses they won’t respect me.

My favorite leaders are those who are authentic not perfect. Perfect people often repel others because no one feels they can measure up to a perfect person. Leaders who are real and admit their weaknesses, and vulnerabilities, tend to attract not repel people.

6. I have to keep leading even though I know my time is done.

When God asks you to step down from leading listen. If you try to keep leading after your expiry date, you will likely do more damage than good.

7. I’m not good enough to lead.

God loves to equip the called. Most of the biblical characters God used in the bible were misfits or ordinary people. This should give us hope that God can use us despite our weaknesses.

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