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What to Consider When Planning Women’s Ministry

Event planning can be a lot of work! In order for the work of event planning to be worth your time, planning the event in the right order is key. Many times people do event planning backwards. They choose an event type, and jump right into the details. However there’s a better way to end up with a successful event, using a different approach.
What types of things should be considered when planning events for Women’s Ministry?
1. Start with the desired outcome and work backwards.
For example, desired outcomes may include:
– opportunity for women to get to know one another better
– women feel ministered to
– casual time of connection and conversation
– women learn a valuable skill
– opportunity for women to invite an unsaved neighbour or friend
2.  Once you have decided the desired outcomes, think about what might facilitate each outcome
For example: If the desired outcome is an opportunity for women to get to know one another better
  • having women seated around tables with a hostess assigned to each table who can facilitate table talk questions
  • dividing women into different discussion groups based on common interests or hobbies
For example: If the desired outcome is that women feel ministered to
  • providing an opportunity for women to pray together or to encourage one another
  • have communion together
3.  The planning team should also consider:
  • how to get the older women and younger women of your church involved in planning and carrying out events
  • involving different cultures represented in your congregation (involving ethnic foods, cooking demonstrations etc.)
  • event pricing (can most women afford the event, will scholarships be made available if needed)
  • considerations unique to your area (are most women working outside the home, do most families work shift work, is transportation an issue)
When good planning goes into events, they are more likely to be well attended and successful.


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