The Incredible Influence of a Mother – Part 2

A Mother Can Be an Incredible Influence Her Community

We raised our children for 10 years in a small community. I liken it to an old fashioned neighborhood like Mayfield. We actually knew the majority of the people. When I would drive around town, I could have kept a continual arm wave going. I seemed to know most people I passed.

I found that living in a tight knit community brought with it some special responsibilities and opportunities to be a good influence. One important way was by keeping our lips from gossip and reaching out to those who need help, or to be shown God’s love.

I certainly didn’t get things right all the time. It is sometimes easier to judge than show kindness. It is easier to hide from others than entering into true community.

A Mother Can Be an Incredible Influence to Her Children’s Father

An important aspect of being a an incredible influence is being a loving wife and one who teaches her children to respect their father. 

In the whirlwind years of child-raising, Dad sometimes gets lost in the shuffle. The kid’s needs are right there in front of us, and if dad isn’t creating noise about his needs, sometimes he gets left out.

Loving your spouse is one of the best things you can do for your kids because it creates a solid foundation for stability in their lives. Building a healthy foundation in marriage should start before the children arrive but if you missed that deadline it’s not too late!

Continue to work on  your marriage as each year goes by. One day those precious children will grow up and leave your nest and being left with a stranger is a recipe for possible disaster.

Three Simple Ways to Honour Your Husband:

  • Encourage him daily
  • Choose to overlook some of his shortcomings
  • Choose contentment
    • Don’t give in to the if only’s;
      • if only my husband was more like me I’d love him
      • if only he wasn’t showing his middle age around the middle I’d be more attracted to him
      • if only he’d buy me all the things I deserve then I’d respect him
      • if only he was more of a spiritual leader then I’d give him my respect

The incredible influence of a mother on her husband builds him up and let’s him know “He’s still the one!”

Moms can have a powerful influence in the lives of her children, her community and in her husband’s life.

Can I ask you? How are you using your influence?

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