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7 Tips to Get Women to Events

Why is it so difficult to get women to attend women’s ministry events in our culture today?

Many women in today’s culture feel stressed by time demands. With majority of women in Canada working at least part-time outside the home, it can be difficult to motivate women to attend church events outside of Sundays. This fact can cause great stress to event organizers trying to plan for how much food, set-up etc. will be required.

Here are some things I’ve tried in order to get women to commit women’s ministry events:

1. Stand at the entrance of the church sanctuary with a clipboard and ask each woman who walks by if they are planning to attend the upcoming women’s event. Let them know the details and ticket cost.

Put a flyer or brochure in her hand as an invite, containing the pertinent information. Repeat this for at least 4 weeks prior to the event.

2. Offer a prize for the first woman to sign up and then random numbers after that. For example if you expect 50 women to attend an event, offer a prize for the lady who buys the 10th, 20th, 25th and 30th tickets. 

3. Find 3-5 women who will commit to attend the event and will commit to inviting other women to join them.

If you have 5 women who each commit to personally invite 10 women you could easily reach 50 attendees.

4. When advertising the event on social media ask several women to like and share your post, and comment that they will be attending. 

5. Be enthusiastic about your event and talk it up.

Do your best to create a sense of excitement around the women’s events and mention it several times on social media, bulletin, announcements etc.

6. Ensure the word gets out in your church bulletin, newsletter, emails and social media.

However, I find most women need a personal invite, so while advertising is important for women to know the date and details, most won’t attend without a personal ask.

7. If your church is a church of small groups, ask the small groups Pastor to have small group leaders mention your event to his/her small group and encourage all the women in the small group to attend, and maybe even to go as a group.

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