First Steps Workshop

Why Did I Write First Steps?

  • Many churches have no one on staff leading women’s ministry
  • Building ministry isn’t easy. There are often many challenges and few resources to equip lay leaders or church staff  in the building ministry process
  • I have experience founding a charity, and building women’s ministry teams and programs from the ground up, for over 18 years.
  • God has given me a passion to equip other women, and churches, with practical tools for building effective ministry. What took me years to learn, I now teach others, so less time is needed to learn the basics of building ministry, and more time can be spent doing ministry.
  • The result of healthy women’s ministry is greater ministry impact within churches, communities and the world.

Who is First Steps For?

  • Women’s ministry teams looking to start or revamp existing women’s ministry 
  • Women involved in women’s ministry at their church even though no formal team structure is in place.

First Steps Format

  • Online option . Gather your team in one location and participate live online- Click here to register 
  • Live at a host church. Churches – Click here for list of requirements and Hosting Agreement
  • Teaching by Kelly, small group discussion around tables, large group interaction and personal reflection.
  • Fast paced, well timed, and energetic. This  workshop will appeal to all learning styles, and personalities.
  • Starting time 9:00 am, session 1, morning coffee break, session 2, lunch, session 3 afternoon coffee break, session 4, finish time 4:00 pm

First Steps Teaching Includes

Session 1 – Building a Ministry

  • Importance of Ministry Vision
  • Building Effective Ministry/Assessing Women’s Needs
  • Defining the Need for Women’s Ministry
  • Developing a Vision Statement (working under your church’s vision statement)

Session 2- Building a Team

  • Building a Healthy Team
  • Choosing Team Members
  • Spiritual Gifts and Use within Women’s Ministry (participants complete a Spiritual Gifts inventory before we meet together)
  • Encouraging Your Team
  • How to Treat Volunteers

Session 3 – Dealing with Conflict

  • Conflict in the Bible
  • Conflict is Unavoidable so Now What?
  • Discussion Destroyers
  • Practice Resolving Conflict using Active Listening and Other Tools

Session 4 – Event Planning

  • Planning Great Events
  • Planning from Anticipated Outcome
  • Designing Events with Spiritual Gifts in Mind
  • Sample Agenda

Testimonial …

“In First Steps Kelly Rader shared tools and insight into effectively growing women’s ministry. Her honesty and professionalism was greatly appreciated and created an environment of exploring and learning. She was thorough and prepared. An enjoyable able day, I highly recommend this seminar for women’s ministry leaders.” Marybeth

“While this seminar is tailored to women’s ministry, I found it very useful and applicable to other ministries in the church. It has helped me to refine what I am doing, in order to be more effective in my ministry position. The seminar also helped me to prioritize the ‘why’ of an event, making the planning much easier, and bringing focus to why we are doing what we are doing.” Ruth H.