Roadblocks to Effective Women’s Ministry Part 1


Many churches today have little or no money budgeted for Women’s Ministry.  For some this poses a roadblock to hosting Women’s Ministry. However, I challenge you to think outside the box and consider the following.

Ways Around this Possible Roadblock:

    1. Ticket as many of your women’s events as possible charging enough to cover event expenses.
    2. Set a realistic budget of what the event will cost and then add a few extra dollars to each ticket price and set the extra money aside to offset costs for future events. For example, if you think an event will cost $10.00 per person, consider charging $15.00 per person and save the excess funds to offset costs for future events such as retreats, speaker fees etc.
    3.  Ask women to donate door prizes for events instead of using ministry money to purchase them.
    4. Use women from your church to speak at your events rather than paying a speaker. During one ministry year, our Women’s Ministry hosted monthly events called “Stories” at which women from our church shared for 20-30 minutes from her own life story. Each woman we asked to share had been through a difficult time or circumstance in life that we hoped others could learn from. As part of her story women were asked to tell us how God walked through their story with them and how this made a difference.
    5. Instead of doing a retreat at a conference centre for a weekend, host a one-day retreat at your church. Have women bring snacks and supplies to help keep costs down.
    6. Whenever possible have women bring an appetizer or dessert to share at events instead of purchasing food. Many women would rather bring a dish to share, than pay for a ticket.
    7. Try to plan events with little costs involved. Games nights, progressive dinners, coffee nights, movie nights can all be done with little overhead costs.
    8. Buy decor from thrift stores and reuse as many decor items as possible.
    9. Ask your pastor to add women’s ministry to the church budget for the follow year. If you can provide a well laid out budget outlining projected expenses and income, and how funds will be used, maybe he or she will consider the ask.
    10. Do a fundraiser that has combined benefit. For example a soup and bun Sunday where families can eat a meal together at church with the added benefit of building into your church community. Have several women bring crock pots of soup, and get buns donated or made. All proceeds could be used for your women’s ministry budget.

God is in the business of doing ministry without having to rely on money. Jesus fed the 5000 with only 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread. If we offer to God the little we have He can do great things with it.

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