One on One Coaching

Sometimes we feel stuck in life, and after trying everything we can think of to change our situation, we realize we just need a little help. A life coach can be a great help in getting you unstuck, and in helping you see new possibilities you hadn’t thought of before. When we are close to a situation or problem, we often see only two options to dealing with it. Often there is a third option, yet to be discovered. A life coach can often see the third option we’ve not thought of yet.

I have benefited from life coaching and I believe it can be a powerful, inspiring tool to help people get unstuck and meet their goals and dreams.

I specialize in helping women in areas of marriage, parenting, relationships, family, divine purpose, Christian living and leadership.

As a certified life coach with FIA I am committed to help you:

  • clearly identify and articulate your goals and desires
  • develop strategies to move you quickly toward your goals
  •  identify any limiting beliefs that may try to block your goals
  •  be accountable to your dreams

One on one coaching for women is available by phone or Zoom. Sessions are typically 40 min. to an hour in length.

Here is what a typical One on One Coaching relationship looks like

Step 1 – On our first call I will take you through a simple intake form and you can decide if I am a good fit for you.

Step 2- During this call we will do 2 exercises to help identify your goals in 6 areas of life.

Step 3 – During this call I will read you the personal vision statement I have written for you.

Step 4 – During this call we will develop your personal mission statement and set your 3 month goals.

Ongoing – We will continue to talk usually every other week, for 6 months to a year,  working on your ongoing goals.

Please contact me to discuss pricing and next steps.


Testimonial …”Kelly is amazing, insightful, and motivating. She has allowed me to figure out how I can build on my health and fitness goals and objectives. She has given me the inspiration and tools I need to achieve these goals. She provides encouragement and guidance to empower me. I now have a great plan and timeline to achieve these goals and objectives and I’m so very excited to be on track in my life. I highly recommend Kelly as an excellent Coach!” – Constance Gassaway


Please note: I adhere to the Fowler International Academy Coaches Code of Ethics