I Am a Speaker/Teacher/Life Coach

  • I work with individual women and women's groups
  • I write and teach workshops and online courses to disciple women and equip women's ministry leaders
  • I coach women to live calling and purpose and to lead well
  • I love speaking and teaching

I am the founder  of Defining Purpose. My mission is to encourage women to live out their calling and purpose to make a difference in their churches and communities, and to make this world a better place!

I Wrote and Teach the Following Workshops/Classes

Gifted for Purpose – a one-day workshop designed to help women identify their calling to Christ and individual purpose. Teaching includes spiritual gifts inventory, 18 page workbook and all supplies required for the workshop. Available also as an online course.

First Steps – Keys to Building Vibrant Ministry – a one-day workshop designed to help churches build or rebuild their women’s ministry. Teaching includes 25 page workbook, spiritual gifts inventory and all supplies required for the workshop. Available as an online course and live-online (to save travel costs or to be available in the U.S.)

Authentic Leadership – an 8 hour (4 session) class to help women wanting to go deeper in their leadership journey. We focus on authenticity, vulnerability, honesty, navigating difficult conversations and much more. This class is held live online and class includes all handouts required.

Other Topics I Speak On

Purposeful Christian Living

  • Purposeful Living
  • Everyone Has a Story
  • Gifted for Purpose (30-minute message)
  • Purposeful Communication and Active Listening
  • How to Share Your Testimony
  • Navigating through Conflict Well
  • Managing Difficult Emotions (Including Depression)
  • Becoming Real- Removing the Mask

Purposeful Parenting

• Incredible Influence of a Parent
• Parenting through the Power of the Holy Spirit
• Parenting the Compliant, Strong Willed or Sneaky Child
• Helping Your Kids Develop Healthy Body Image
• Family Dysfunction Stops Here!
• Importance of Humour in the Home

Purposeful Marriage

  • Protecting Your Marriage By Building Fences
  • How “Cinderella” Set Us Up for Failed Marriages & How to Undo the Damage
  • Remembering the Day – A Look Back to Look Ahead

My Doctrine and Philosophy of Ministry

Christian Churches & Camps I've Worked With

Why Am I Passionate About Helping Women?