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I Coach Individuals

  • Wanting help to articulate and reach their goals!
  • Struggling with guilt, frustration or feeling stuck
  • Feeling stuck in relationships to move forward
  • Needing someone to walk beside them to achieve their goals

I specialize in helping women in areas of marriage, parenting, relationships, family, divine purpose, Christian living and leadership.

Online Courses

Gifted for Purpose is designed to help women discover how they can make a difference in their churches, communities and beyond by discovering their ministry gifts and how these combine with their story, holy discontent and personality to live out their calling for Jesus.

Authentic Leadership is a class designed for women wanting to grow in their leadership journey. We look at how to lead through vulnerability, grace, courage, hope, overcoming shame and insecurity and much more. 

First Steps – Keys to Building Vibrant Ministry is for women wanting to lead in a women’s ministry context to gain valuable tools including how to choose team members, lead from vision, deal with conflict and much more.


In this course author Kelly Rader shares what she learned the hard way through her experience with ministry burnout, and the two year journey back into ministry. Kelly desires to help other leaders understand what can lead to burnout, and how they can avoid it.

Discipleship Helps

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“How To Prepare Your Testimony”

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How to Share the Gospel

The Bridge Illustration by the Navigators

Personality Inventories

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