How to Reset Your Devotional Life for 2019 – by guest Kim Arendt

A devotional life consists of spending time with God in order to draw closer to Him, and build a stronger relationship with Him.

My journey into a consistent devotional life started about 9 years ago, when I joined a small group that encouraged regular Bible reading. I made a commitment at that time, to make reading the Bible a habit.

Through consistent reading of God’s word, my relationship with Him has increased and allowed space for Him to fulfill His purposes and plans for my life. While this deeper relationship has not guaranteed a problem-free life, it has given me the power to overcome problems as I focus on Christ in the midst of adversity.

How to Build a Consistent Devotional Life 

1. Prioritize

The moment I open my eyes in the morning, I have to make the decision about priorities and take a proactive stance with my thoughts.  Where my gaze shifts will direct everything I do, the words I say, and how I act and respond to everything life throws at me.

I have found that my devotional time has to take priority over sleeping in, checking Facebook, e-mails, sending text messages, or watching my favourite TV show.

What might you need to change in order to put spending time with God at the top of your priority list?

2. Plan 

Making devotional time a habit required me to change my morning routine and wake up well before the rest of the household. I also recommend setting aside a regular time, in regular place. Taking these steps will help you build a consistent pattern of including Jesus in your day.

I encourage you to figure out what time and place will work best for your devotion time.

3. Be disciplined

You can apply discipline to your devotional practice by:

  • work out a plan that suits your life, personality and personal style and then stick to the plan
  • give yourself a daily time frame (start small) and build up the amount of time you spend in God’s word each week or month
  • find Bible and devotional resources that work for you
  • if you have encounter setbacks don’t give up

Creative ways to connect with God during your devotions include:

  • Bible apps
  • speaking scripture passages out loud
  • praying out loud
  • using an audio Bible that speaks God’s Word to you
  • journaling
  • using a journaling Bible that allows you to write or draw in the margins
  • posting sticky notes around your house, car or office, with verses that stand out to you
  • making a Bible verse your screensaver on your phone or computer
  • writing letters to God
  • changing your posture for prayer (kneel, bow or open your hands)

4. Act 

Simply reading the Bible is not going to bring about the abundant life Jesus promised in John chapter 10. We must act on what we read, and allow the Holy Spirit to work on transforming us into His image. When you read something and you feel convicted to change, by God’s power, act on that conviction.

If you are struggling to stay on track with your devotional life, it may be helpful to ask one or two people to walk alongside you to encourage you. A small group can be a great place to develop accountability in a community setting.

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Anne Graham Lotz 

Kim Arendt is an Assistant Children’s Minister at her church in Saskatoon,  Saskatchewan,  Canada. She also leads her church’s women’s ministry, which was recently revived. Kim has a passion for discipleship and sharing the love of Jesus in practical ways, through baking, card writing and offering words of encouragement and hope to those in need. She has been married to her husband Wayne for almost 22 years and has three sons, whom she loves to share life with. Some of her favorite things include her 4 dogs, the color pink, polar bears and the Toronto Blue Jays.