Gifted for Purpose Overview

Why Did I Write Gifted for Purpose?

  • Most Christian women I meet cannot identify their spiritual gifts
  • Most women believe that the only options for serving in their church is teaching Sunday school, or working in the kitchen. Many women are called to lead and serve within women’s ministry, administration and more, but they just don’t know it yet.
  • Many women I meet are searching for a greater sense of purpose within their role as mom, wife, or coworker. Women are busy serving others, but can’t get away from a gnawing in their soul about justice and compassion issues. Many women long to make a difference in their community or church but don’t know where to start.
  • Many empty nesters feel lost when children grow up. These women wonder if God could use their free time for something purposeful, but they don’t know what to do.

Who is Gifted for Purpose For?

  • All Christian women
  • All Christian churches. I don’t take sides or discuss complementarian or egalitarian viewpoints.
  • Women who want to learn how their spiritual gifts, personality style, holy discontent and life story can be used by God to make their churches, communities and the world a better place
  • Churches with an interest in discipleship, who want women of their church to know their spiritual gifts, calling, and how these can be used within a church context
  • Churches interested in building community, through getting women together to learn, discuss and foster relationship, and connection

Gifted for Purpose Format

  • Teaching by Kelly
  • Small group discussion around tables
  • Large group interaction
  • Personal reflection

Gifted for Purpose is fast paced, well timed, and energetic. This workshop will appeal to all learning styles, and personalities.

Gifted for Purpose Schedule

  • Doors open 8:30 am
  • Teaching starts prompt 9:00 am
  • Lunch and 2 coffee breaks included

Where Are Gifted for Purpose Workshops Hosted?

  • Churches host workshops
  • Click here for list of requirements and the Hosting Agreement

Gifted for Purpose Teaching Includes

3 Types of Calling
Biblical Examples of Calling
Identifying Your Discontent
Hindrances to Calling
You’ve Been Entrusted with Much!
Spiritual Gifts Are and Are Not
Ministry Inventory Test
How the Ministry Gifts Work Together as One Body


“Kelly was easy to listen to and her teaching pointed us to Jesus. She made the interactive parts easy for us introverts to participate in without us feeling anxious! Thank you, Kelly, for recognizing our differences and facilitating so graciously!” Cindy

“Encouraging, creative, informative workshop. Presented with passion and love. Would be a blessing to any church who wants to further women’s ministries in their church and community.” Colleen

“I really enjoyed learning about my spiritual gifts and in what ways God is calling me for His purpose. Kelly is relate-able and approachable and the workshop was well organized and balanced.” Amy

“I was touched spiritually at what God wanted me to focus on as I transition from one phase of being a mom to the next.” Leanne from Kamloops

“This course helped me more fully understand callings and gave me ideas for ministry and how I can use my unique gifts to serve God better.” Kat

“This workshop left me feeling excited to explore my spiritual gift more and to use them for God’s glory”. Mary Ann

“This course was very inspiring yet also so practical. I came out of this day feeling energized and ready to apply my spiritual gifts!” Debra

For Further Information

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