Top 10 Questions I Get Asked

I speak to men and women.

I grew up in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada.

Yes, I have. At this time, I prefer to be in the room because I love to facilitate the discussions and draw the answers out of the group. There is something so powerful about having people together in the room, sharing the conversation and teaching.

Yes and no. Pastoring is a very weighted responsibility and I took it very seriously. It is quite tiring to be responsible for so many women you love.

I did enjoy speaking and teaching and I got to know many people I wouldn’t have otherwise. Also I loved seeing God at work through women’s lives and stories.

Yes I get nervous, but I have “God Confidence”. By this I mean I am confident that if God has called me to speak that He will speak through me. So I rely on Him and not on myself. Otherwise, I would never have the nerve or confidence to get up and speak on my own.

No I didn’t.

My parents left the church when they graduated high school. Our home was definitely far from a Christian home.

However, I had grandparents on either side of the family that built into my life and faith. I talk about this in my seminars as it is a powerful part of my testimony.

Top 10 Questions I Should be Asked

I don’t go there in my seminars because I know that people have strong opinions on both sides and I can respect both sides.

What I teach is to know your spiritual gifts and use them. If your church doesn’t support you as a woman using your gifts, look for opportunities outside your church to use your gifts.

  • I have a Provincial Instructor’s Diploma on how to teach adults
  • I’ve attended bible school
  • I have a Foundations for Ministry Certificate from Ambrose University
  • Through the Northwest Christian Speaker’s Bureau, I’ve enrolled in speaking classes
  • And with over 20 years speaking experience including preaching, teaching, writing bible studies, workshops and talks
  • I believe that the Holy Spirit is a member of the Trinity
  • I believe that we receive the Holy Spirit at conversion and that our role as a Christian is to give the Holy Spirit more and more room to flow through us until we meet Jesus face to face
  • I must decrease, He must increase
  • I believe that Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit as teacher, comforter, and prompter of what we should say and do.
  • I see many younger women in our culture who are lonely, tired, disillusioned and stuck comparing themselves to other people.
  • They believe that everyone they see on Facebook and social media has a perfect life, and that they are the only ones who are struggling.
  • I see older women who think they no longer have anything to contribute to the church, or they have contributed enough already.
  • I see women, in their midlife stage, watching their children leave the nest and they don’t know who they are anymore or what their role is supposed to be.

ALL WOMEN need to understand their God given purpose and what He has for them to do in each stage of life to touch the world around them, to make it a better place, and more what He intended it to be.

THE CHURCH is not the powerful force it was designed to be today because so many are living for themselves instead of joining in the work God has called them to be part of.

As the days get closer to the return of Christ this world is getting more desperate for the truth and love of Christ. It is up to us, the church, to be the church and to be the hands and feet of Christ to those who are lost, broken and destitute.

There is so much work to do, but we all just need to do our part, and to do this through the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

I’m passionate because I grew up in a very, very difficult home and my prayer, from when I was a young child, is that God would use my pain to help others.

I believed that my pain was not worth it if it was just for me to endure, but that if God would use what I’d learned through my pain to relate to or to help someone else that I was willing to endure it and to overcome for their sake.

Finding my own sense of purpose has given meaning to my life that otherwise did not seem worth living.

I believe that many women find themselves in the same position. They have endured so much pain and difficulty in life and they are desperately hoping that somehow they may still be used of God and have a purpose in this world.

Teaching women to discover their gifting and purpose is so exciting to me, I see God’s fingerprints all over the message He has given me to teach, and it is my joy to teach it.

My grandfather drove me to church from the age of 2 to the age of 16. The foundation for my faith was laid at Sunday school and I accepted Christ as my personal Saviour at summer camp when I was 7.

Yes, I was baptized at age 16.

The most difficult thing I’ve experienced in life is working through childhood trauma and depression.

My struggle with depression started when I was 10 years old. It is a long story that I sometimes share with groups, but I didn’t get help with my depression until I was in my 30’s.

Along my journey I struggled with eating disorders, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, depression, isolation and a lot of fear.

Through Christian counsellors, medication, prayer, community, education on depression and the love of my friends and family, I have had more emotional healing this side of heaven than I ever dreamed possible.

I love to share my story of hope with others who struggle. Help is out there and God has so much healing for us that struggle with depression and anxiety.

There is pretty much nothing a woman can tell me that will shock me.

In my extended family, we have experienced almost every sin common to man. In my family of origin, we experienced many, many things that I have learned from and that I can now relate to other women because I have witnessed and dealt with these issues.

I still get nervous every time I speak.

In fact, typically during the week of the event I wonder how I might get out of it. But of course, I never do back out.

I press on because I know that my confidence comes not from myself, but through Christ and that He who has called me is faithful.

I don’t look forward to the day when I feel very confident on my own strength because pride comes before a fall. So I use my fear to motivate me to rely on God and the message He has given me to share, and I rely on His strength to work through me.