Difference Makers Part 2

I love what Ada Noble, an early Christian and Missionary Alliance missionary had to say about being a difference maker.

“The Bible tells us that we are fellow-labourers with God, but there are many who cannot see how they (so poor and humble) can be of service to a great God. What have they to offer? What could they do that God could do without them? … All great work for God has been done by men and women who did it with what they had in hand, using what was immediately available … There are many Christians who would be willing to serve God is they had some great talent. Many, however, are just like Moses, they hear the call of God, see the opportunities before then, but they look at their own short comings and the result is that the work which God wants done remains undone or is left for someone else to do … God wants us to serve him with what we have, not with what we would like to have … If we fully yield to God the little we have in our hand, God can use that thing no matter how small it may seem to us …” Ada Noble- Forgotten Voices

I drilled it into our children from the time they were very young that the bible says “To whom much is given, much is expected”. I explained to them that because we lived in North America we were among the top 2% percent of richest people in the world. Having clothes to wear, food in the fridge and cupboards, 2 vehicles and a home to live in, proved we were rich compared to most countries of the world. The kids had a hard time understanding that if we were considered rich, why we couldn’t buy all the things they wanted, and why did we drive such old vehicles, and shop at thrift stores.

I challenged our kids that whatever career they chose God would expect them to give back to their community, church and the world. Our son wanted to be an architect from the age of 14 or so. I challenged him often to keep in mind that when he reached his goal, he should remember to use his gifts to help those less fortunate in his community and the world.

Our Son David is a Difference Maker

David is the handsome blonde gentleman showing the structure in the photo.

Some of my Mom rants, are paying off. David is in his second year of his Masters of Architecture at Rice University in Houston Texas. David has been using what he’s learned about architecture to inspire younger students through a program called RAMP (Rice Architecture Mentorship Program). This program serves 25 or so students in grades 6 to 12 who participate one Saturday a month.

Every RAMP session includes an extensive presentation on the day’s theme, an activity and feedback from the students. The themes cover topics like structures and space, but the teachers put special emphasis on communications and technology.

The Rice students enjoy helping their participants learn to see the world around them with new perspective. “They mention how they are now thinking about structures in particular,” said on the Rice students. “We spoke about how buildings communicate in a certain way, how they invite the public or how they might unwittingly make the public feel unwelcome. Or are ambivalent to the public. Now these students are noticing things in their homes or their schools that they would change, which is nice to hear.”


David has really enjoyed his time with RAMP so far. Reaching out to the community is something he values. Using his education to reach out to kids is making a difference in the community.

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