Difference Makers Part 1

I find God often gives me ideas for blogs while I’m driving. This can be a challenge because it’s hard to write down my ideas and drive at the same time. If I’m lucky enough to find a scrap piece of paper in the car, I can at least jot down the big ideas. I wonder if I could get a ticket for distracted driving if I’m not touching my phone but writing on paper.

Well my latest idea came the other day …

I had just stopped to pick up 50 Days for Girls Kits from a local chapter. This group meets once a month to work on sanitary supply kits. I saw women from a variety of life stages, sewing, cutting fabric and threading draw strings into bags. I told the organizer that I hate to sew. “No worries” she said “you could do other things if you joined us. We had a lady in our group for a while who was in her 90’s and although she was too weak  to thread the drawstring bags all the way through, her job was just to get them started, and we carried on from there.” These ladies gather faithfully to make a difference for girls from 3rd world countries who would otherwise miss school one week per month because they have no sanitary supplies. Please check out https://www.daysforgirls.org/ and see if your women’s group can participate by sending supplies, making kits or fundraising for this great organization.


  Local Chilliwack Days for Girls Group


Our daughter Hannah is a Difference Maker

This girl has had a desire to make a difference in the world since the age of 8. Her dilemma was “Mom should I be a people doctor when I grow up and move to Africa? Because Mom if the people come to me and their goat is sick, and they need the goat for food but I can’t fix the goat, Mom they could die. But Mom if I become a vet, and I can fix the goat, but the people are sick, the people could die. Mom what should I do?” What a dilemma for an 8-year-old. This would actually keep her from falling asleep because she was so concerned to make the right choice. I said, “Honey why don’t you be a people doctor and then you can still know how to deliver goat babies and stitch up goats.”

Since that young age Hannah has done missions trip to Sri Lanka, California (to a migrant city), Mexico and this summer will travel to Swaziland to help at a home for girls who have been sex-trafficked. She also sponsored a girl from Haiti for 4 years with her own money from the age of 15-19.

Hannah in her 4th year pre-med


My Mom is a Difference Maker

My mom has been teaching for over 48 years. She tried to retire at age 60 when she had her first cancer diagnosis, but she missed the kids so much she went back to teaching as a teacher on call and is now in her early 70’s and going strong. The kids love her! She has now taught 2 and sometimes 3 generations of children from the same family. My Mom has had 4 cancer surgeries now to remove melanoma, but she keeps on going. She celebrates the times she is cancer free and continues to pour love into the children she teaches.


My Mom after a recent cancer removal surgery. Lunch to celebrate she is cancer free once again.


My Grandparents were Difference Makers

While I didn’t grow up in a Christian home my grandparents on both sides of the family were instrumental in my life. My Mom’s mother nurtured me through rocking me, baking with me, reading me bible stories and taking me to church when I slept over for night. My Dad’s father drove me to Sunday school for 14 years along with all of his other grandchildren who otherwise would not have been in church. My grandfather never preached or shared the gospel with me, but he got me to church and I’m forever grateful.


My Baptism, I’m on the far right. Beside me my Grandpa who drove me to church. My Grandma with the white purse nurtured me.

 What do These Difference Makers Have in Common?

Most are overcomers. People often find a passion for others because they once had a need that wasn’t fulfilled. This can cause a passion for others to rise up within them so others don’t need to suffer the way they did.

They are fear facers. Anyone seeking to make a difference is going to come up against obstacles but difference makers push through their fears. They face fears and rise up.

The are excuse deniers. Everyone can come up with excuses why not to do things. I don’t have the time, the money, the resources, the courage, the experience. The list of excuses can be endless but Difference Makers push through the excuses.

They aren’t in it for the glory. There are thousands maybe even millions of people doing small and big things all around us to make this world a better place. Most things we will never even hear about. So Difference Makers aren’t in it for the glory. They are just serving because they believe it is worth it to help another.

They will never know the impact of their actions. Most Difference Makers will not see the full ripple effect of their actions. From “What Color is Your Parachute” author Bolles writes “As the stone does not always know what ripples it has caused in the pond whose surface it impacts, so neither we nor those who watch our life will always know what we have achieved by our life and by our Mission. And we may never know what we have accomplished, until we see Him face-to-face after this life is past.

Are you willing to be Difference Maker?

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