Fifth Roadblock to Effective Women’s Ministry – Clash of the Generations


In Women’s Ministry sometimes there can be a battle between the older and younger generations in ideas on how things are to be done, as to what the needs of women are, and how these needs should be addressed within Women’s Ministry. Heated discussions may also arise when it comes to ideas of new team members with new ideas, and those who like the way things have always been done.

Here are some tips I’ve found helpful in navigating generations of women within Women’s Ministry:

1. Involve women of different ages and life stages on your planning team.

Let each generation speak to the needs of their peers and what the spiritual needs are. Allow air time to be divided among all the ages.

2. As the team leader have an idea of where you’d like to see your women’s ministry go.

The bible says without vision the people perish. While there may be many voices and opinions amongst the team members of different ages and life stages, ultimately someone must set the direction of where the team is headed and the means which will be used to get there.

3. Form a vision statement for the women’s ministry.

Involve the team in developing the vision statement. Include wording in the vision statement that is clear and defines the direction of women’s ministry. Remember that the vision statement of your Women’s Ministry must come under alignment of your church’s vision statement.

4. Be patient with change or lack of it.

Some people are early adapters and some are late adapters. Some people take change in stride and adjust quickly, some need a while to get used to new ideas or ways of doing things. Encourage all the women to be patient with change, and gracious with the other women no matter where they are at in the process of change.

5. Be careful in how your team words things when it comes to change.

Negative talk about old ways will not go over well. Hindsight is always 20/20 and culture is always changing. Just because something seems old fashioned now doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good fit at the time.

6. Give honor where honor is due.

Give credit to women who have lead ministries or events faithfully over the years even if those events may fade out or look different in the future.

7. Put on love.

Seek to understand both the older and younger generations. Provide room for conversation on change in a respectful, gracious manner.


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