Why Churches Need Women’s Ministry

God created humans with an innate need for community. Churches can meet this need for women, through offering women’s ministry. Therefore, women’s ministry is vital to the local church!

Here are just a few reasons why I believe women’s ministry is vital
• women are hungry for true, meaningful connection in today’s culture where social media leaves women wanting
• women are strong influences in raising children, in their marriages, in the community, in the marketplace, in their churches and in the world, and therefore, women need good theology
• women need other women to do life with, throughout all stages of life
• more than half the church is women, and the majority of church volunteers are women, so women need to have a good understanding of God’s word
• women have the influence to make or break a church.
“A healthy women’s ministry in the local church is a key part of vibrant church life. For many reasons, when Women’s ministry is going well, it is a significant influence to the health of the entire church.” ~ Gerry Teichrob, Director of Pathways Forward Transitional Ministry

If my reasons for women’s ministry don’t convince you, perhaps these will

Women’s ministry deepens theology, cultivates inter-generational friendships, grows ministry
Daniel Montgomery lead pastor of Sojourn Church in an article called “Does Your Church Need a Women’s Ministry?” describes some of the reasons his church offers formal women’s ministry. “We want to intentionally meet women who want deeper theological reflection where they are. It won’t just happen. Women’s ministry also allows us to directly address the challenges of cultivating friendships across generations—whether someone is mentoring or being poured into. In addition, if you look at any renewal movement in history, women were at the helm. We want to empower and free women to do that kind of ministry.”

Women’s ministry models biblical community
“Some say women are more effective ministering to women because they are natural nurturers. Others say it’s because they tend to be more relational. The Bible does not attribute the results to nurturing or to relationship skills but simply evidences the structure of a biblical community. God designed women to help each other.” Taken from Why Women Need Each Other

Women’s ministry helps women to come to Christ and grow in Christ
“Like most forms of ministry, women’s ministry is Jesus-centred. It’s all about helping other women to come to Christ and grow in Christ. It’s about encouraging people to understand the gospel, respond to the gospel and apply the gospel to every aspect of life. And that happens when women engage with God through his Word and prayer, in the community of the local church.” taken from What is women’s ministry/ Helen Thorne – Director of Training and Mentoring – London City Mission

Because the bible instructs older women to train younger women
“These older ladies were to be ‘teachers of what is good’. This is not literal teaching as we understand it today, but more of an encouragement and a ‘fanning of the flame’; the picture is of one gently blowing a fire to encourage it to burn. It is mentoring in its purest form. This ‘teaching’ is not primarily academic, possibly not even doctrinal, though it must always be doctrinally correct. The emphasis is on encouragement, the idea of, ‘Yes, you are doing well in mothering your children. Keep up the good work.’ Because young women need encouragement. Because young women need to see a godly life in the flesh.” Nell Sunukjian from Why Every Church Will Always Need a WM Part 1

If your church does not currently have women’s ministry, may I encourage you to start women’s ministry this year? Please check out my “First Steps – Building Vibrant Ministry” workshop designed to help churches build or rebuild women’s ministry.

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