Choosing Team Members

Tips for Choosing Team Ministry Team Members

Here are some tips to remember when choosing members for a ministry team. It took me years to figure out some of these tips and some I learned the hard way.

  • Don’t choose your friends to be part of your team
    • if your friends are on your team, it will be tempting to talk about team issues when you are together socially, and you may harm your friendship if it becomes all business and no fun
    • if there is conflict on your team, you may lose your team-mate and your friendship
  • Look for team members that have different personality types and giftings (spiritual gifts)
    • team leaders need to staff to their weakness
    • ideal teams are well-balanced with team members that have varied strengths
  • Look for team members from different life-stages
    • team members from different life-stages provide varied perspectives
    • filling your team with varied life-stages will provide mentoring opportunities for team members
      • The amount of free time people have often corresponds with the life stage they are in. For example, women raising young children are likely to have less free time, than those who are retired. Take this into consideration when building your team. Some team members will have more time to give to the team and tasks than others will.
  • Look for team members with varied experience
    • team members with a lot of prior ministry experience may be tempted to rely on past experiences instead of the viewing current issues objectively
    • having a team of all inexperienced members may be a problem if the leader of the team is also inexperienced
    •  building a team with members who have varied life experience will provide greater opportunity for relatability with those you will serve
  • Look for introverts and extroverts for your team
    • both introverts and extroverts are an asset to your team
    • introverts are often great for facilitators, or for working behind the scenes
    • extroverts are often great Emcees, greeters, hostesses

Other Questions to Consider When Choosing Ministry Team Members

  • Is the individual committed to growing in her walk with Christ?
  • Does she have a passion for women’s ministry?
  • Is she available to take on more commitment or is she already over committed?
  • Does she have a skill set needed on the team?
  • Is she a person who sucks the life out of you and others?
  • Can she hold confidences or is she a gossip?
  • Does she speak favorably about your church leadership?
  • Does she speak respectfully of her family?

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