Attributes of Healthy Teams

Ministry requires healthy teams. In my recent blog titled “The Importance of Working Through Team” I addressed several reasons why leaders should not work alone. Having previously established the importance of teams and team-work, here are some attributes of healthy teams. If your team doesn’t possess these attributes, I encourage you to seek training such as my “First Steps – Keys to Building Vibrant Ministry” workshop. 

Healthy Teams Do the Following

  1. Understand the vision and goals of the team
  • the organization or team’s mission statement and vision statement should be reviewed regularly
  • when major decisions are to be made, the team should review the mission and vision statements, and make the decision based on these guiding documents
  • team members that consistently challenge the vision and or mission statement may need to re-evaluate their involvement in the team
  1. Respect one another
  • healthy teams understand that all team members matter
  • healthy teams agree that all members bring something unique to the table
  • healthy teams treat one another with dignity and respect
  1. Communicate openly
  • healthy teams do their best to communicate in a respectful manner, even when conflicts or disagreements arise
  • healthy teams do their best to keep short accounts with other team members, and if tensions arise, do their best to keep the peace
  • healthy teams use this verse as a guiding principle If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” Romans 12:18
  • healthy teams are honest and authentic
  1. Resolve conflict
  • healthy teams do their best to resolve conflict in a timely manner understanding that sometimes people need time and space to process and calm down
  • healthy teams understand that conflict is normal and that not all members will agree on everything all the time
  • Healthy teams remember to attack the problem and not other team members
  1. Cooperate not compete
  • healthy teams work together as a team, not as individuals
  • healthy teams realize they are stronger together
  • healthy teams don’t go behind other team members backs
  • healthy teams avoid back room deals
  1. Celebrate a job well done
  • healthy teams take time after an event to celebrate what God did
  • healthy teams acknowledge hard work, and acknowledge those who put in extra time to make events and projects happen

For more information on teams please see my blogs:

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