5 Ways to Guard Your Marriage

Great marriages aren’t made in heaven, they are made on earth as two people commit to working on their relationship for a lifetime. While there is no simple recipe to making a great marriage, there are things you can put into practice today, to continue building healthy safe guards around your marriage. 

Guard Your Mind

As wives, we need to stop the comparison game.

It is unfair to expect our husband to measure up to:

  • a fairy tale character a.k.a. Prince Charming
  • the “ideal” husband (whatever that is)
  • every characteristic of what a man should be. (As described in your favourite Christian book.)
  • the strengths of all your friend’s husbands 

Guard Your Mouth

Our mouths can get us in trouble when:

  • we speak negatively about our husband to others
  • we talk to our friends about an issue regarding our husband, instead of talking to our husband directly about the issue
  • we speak disrespectfully about our husband to our children

Guard Your Ears

Your ears should be burning when:

  • someone at the office, in your neighborhood or church seems to be talking a bit too sweetly to you
  • another man starts complaining to you about his wife
  • a male, mutual friend is texting or calling you instead of your husband

Guard Your Time

It’s easy to get in the habit of putting everything else on our “To Do” list before our husband. Even when I say I’m going to bed, I stop by the kitchen, finish loading the dishwasher, tidy the living room, head to the laundry room, finish folding the laundry, empty the garbage can, and on it goes.

Our “to do” list may never end, but we need to set it aside at times and make our marriage a priority so that we maintain our friendship with our spouse for the long haul.

Guard Your Heart

Throughout the years of marriage our hearts can get deeply wounded if we allow hurts to fester.

We can keep from becoming embittered in marriage by:

  • allowing our husband to explain himself if he has hurt our feelings
  • making our needs known in a kind way
  • remembering that our husband is on our side, not against us

Great marriages don’t happen naturally. Let’s do our part to be intentional about protecting our marriages. 

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