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5 Keys to Stewarding Your Spiritual Gifts

Every Christian has been given spiritual gifts by the Holy Spirit to serve others (1 Peter 4:10). In order to be good stewards of the spiritual gifts we’ve been given, we need to learn what our gifts are, and how each can be used in a local church context.

How Can You Be a Good Steward of Your Spiritual Gifts?

Know what your spiritual gifts are.

Where are spiritual gifts found in the bible?

  • 1 Corinthians 12:7-11 – these are often referred to as the manifestation gifts
  • Romans 12:6-8 – these are often referred to as the motivational gifts
  • Ephesians 4:11 – these are often referred to as the equipping gifts

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Once you identify your spiritual gifts, look for opportunities to use them to minister within your local church.

Know the definition of your top spiritual gifts.

Once you identify your spiritual gifts, it is important to know the meaning or importance of each gift and how it can be used in a local church context.

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Book a conversation with one of your church pastoral staff members, to learn about current ministry needs, and to ask how your spiritual gifts  might be best utilized in the church.

Churches run on volunteers, and run best, when people are serving in the right areas. Through having a conversation with a pastor, rather than just signing up for a ministry,  you can get placed in the ministry best suited to your areas of gifting and personality.

Be intentional about using your gifts in areas that interest to you.

I encourage you to phase out of serving commitments outside of your gifted areas. There are seasons when people must step up to serve in areas that aren’t their favourite, however, our “yes” to fill a ministry hole, allows another to say “no” and we may be robbing them of a ministry opportunity and spiritual growth.

Practice using your gifts before you feel confident in using them.

Some spiritual gifts such at teaching or creativity may take some practice. It’s okay to practice your gifts even if you feel there is still room for improvement. The more you practice your gifts, the more natural they will feel.

Good stewards need to prepare for ministry, and commit their gifts to the Lord, and then allow the Holy Spirit room to do His good work.

Wise Christians realize that they are just a vessel that God chooses to work through. The men and women God chose to use throughout scripture, were often the most unlikely heroes. What God saw in each biblical hero was not great talent or ability, but a willingness to be used, to be a vessel for God to work through.

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