5 Keys to Planning Great Events

5 Keys to Planning Great Events

When investing your time into planning events, you want a worthwhile outcome. Here are five keys to planning great events.

Start by listing desired outcomes you’d like to see from the event

In other words, what do you hope will result from the event? What is the event purpose?

Desired outcomes may include:

  • raising funds for a ministry or cause
  • outreach to the community
  • a chance to build community
  • an opportunity for women to learn a skill
  • an invitation for women to grow in their faith

After you have determined the desired outcomes, work backwards. Plan an event that will help achieve your desired outcome.

For example, if your desired outcome is to build community, plan your event having women seated around tables and provide table talk questions around each table with probing questions. Appoint a hostess for each table, to help guide the conversation, help women feel welcome and to facilitate the table talk questions. Instruct the hostesses to ensure that all women get a chance to answer the questions if they are comfortable to do so. Serve the food buffet style, so women have to get up from their tables and mingle. Include an icebreaker that involves all women.

Right people in the right roles

Great events have extroverts and introverts in the right roles.

Extroverts often make great Emcees, table hostesses or greeters.

Introverts often make great registration hosts, enjoy serving refreshments, and working behind the scenes.

Having people in the right roles can ensure that your leaders and participants are comfortable and are set up to use their strengths.

Energetic/enthusiastic team

Great events need enthusiasm. When the planning team is enthusiastic about the event, others will want to join in. A team who complains about the upcoming event will deter people from wanting to attend. Your team should be excited about the event and should be your best promoters.

Age groups accommodated

Great events keep age groups in mind when planning. For example, if young moms are encouraged to attend, consider offering childcare, or a nursing room. If elderly women are invited to attend, ensure seating is available for them even if it is a stand-up event. If all women are welcome, ensure that the event is affordable, or that scholarships or complimentary tickets are available.

Timing right

Great events happen at the right time. Is the time of year suited to the event? Is the church calendar already busy during the time you’d like to host the event? If yes, consider holding off on the event and schedule it for a time when more people are likely to attend. Will the weather restrict women from attending the event if held during certain times of the year?

Great events happen when the planning team plans for desired outcomes, put volunteers and leaders in the right roles, accommodates ages, picks the right date and has an energetic and enthusiastic team.

I wish your team GREAT events this ministry year.

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