5 Common Mistakes Christians Make

5 Common Mistakes Christians Make

In my ministry journey teaching and speaking in different cities in Canada, I am finding a pattern of 5 common mistakes Christians are making.

#1 They cannot identify their spiritual gifts.

         Why should we know our spiritual gifts?
  • The bible commands us to know them – 1 Cor. 12:1
  • We are called to use them – 1 Peter 4:10
  • To relieve us from serving out of duty. God wired us to find joy in serving in areas of our gifting.
  • So we can gain a better understanding of how the Holy Spirit works through us
  • So we can fulfill God’s calling and purpose for our lives, by utilizing the gifts of the Holy Spirit, to do the God-sized things He has in mind for us to do.

#2 They fail to be intentional about utilizing their spiritual gifts within the local church.

Christians who have not identified their spiritual gifts, get pulled into serving outside their gifting. For example, most churches need volunteers for children’s ministry on an ongoing basis. People that don’t know their spiritual gifts may rise up to fill the need, but may not be well suited for children’s ministry at all.

After a short time, as frustration mounts, these individuals will quit children’s ministry and may not serve in any capacity again.

#3 They assume that Christians in their circle, are at the same level of spiritual maturity.

When we assume others possess our same level of biblical knowledge, we tend to avoid discussing basic biblical teachings. This results in many Christians having little knowledge of basic spiritual truths.

The lack of spiritual maturity in many Christians today, may have resulted from Christians being too embarrassed  to ask theological questions others assume they should already know.

#4 They fail to speak the truth, because they have bought the lie that to disagree with someone means you are a “hater”.

Somehow North American culture has swung so far left, that anyone who disagrees with the left, is labelled a bigot or a “hater”.

Christians need to speak biblical truths which address modern day issues. How else will truth be known if Christians are not willing to share what the bible teaches?

#5 They don’t know how to share the gospel.

Most Christians I meet don’t know how to articulate the gospel.

Is the gospel going to stop with our generation? I hope not!

All Christians need to be ready to give an answer for the hope within us, as 1 Peter 3:15 commands.

Equip Yourself to Share the Gospel

I hope you are not making these 5 mistakes in your Christian walk. For help in discovering your spiritual gifts or understanding how they can be used in a church context I encourage you to check out my Gifted for Purpose workshop.

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