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10 Reasons Your Church Needs Women’s Ministry in 2019

Women’s Ministry is needed today more than ever. Here are 10 reasons your church needs Women’s Ministry this yea

1. Co-ed Care Groups are Not a Substitute for Women’s Ministry

Mixed company does not facilitate authenticity that women find in all-women groups.

Churches built on small group ministry should include women’s small groups in their ministry plan.

2. The Church Has the Answer to Gender Confusion

We find the answer to gender confusion in Genesis. God made man and woman.

Christian women need to be taught theology that supports Christians beliefs on cultural issues, so that when these conversations arise, women are ready to point people to Jesus and what the bible has to say on these sensitive issues.

3. Social Media Has Increased Stress and Pressure on Women

Before social media, individuals may have known about the vacations, homes and social life of 10-15 people. Today that number has exploded to hundreds or even thousands. This reality has increased pressure on families to purchase expensive vacations, extravagant kids birthday parties, eat at the best restaurants and live above their means.

Godly wisdom is needed from other women to help keep Christ and His will for our lives in focus.

4. Over Half the Church is Women

Statistics show that over Half the Church (click the link for book by this title) is women. Therefore, the majority of church volunteers are women.

Providing opportunities for women to learn and grow in community will strengthen a church at its core.

5. Many Women Lose Their Mother’s Influence Too Soon

Many women I have met have lost their mother’s to cancer long before they felt ready to be without her influence and support.

Some women I know are missing their mother’s because our affluent society has allowed retired mothers the opportunity to holiday outside the country up to 6 months of the year.

Other women I know are missing their mother’s time and influence because their mothers are still working fulltime and don’t have much time to invest in their daughter’s lives.

Women’s ministry can be the catalyst for women of all ages to share life, be in community and meet longings of younger women to have older women take interest in their lives.

6. The Church Has Opportunity to Reach Families Through Ministering to Women

Women’s ministry can be a great means to invite women to church. Our church has offered classes on a wider variety of topics for women including meal planning, cooking classes, paint nights, moms groups and bible studies. Women can be brought together around a common purpose, and if they like what they see, they will invite their families to church too.

If you get a woman to church her husband and children are likely to follow.

7. Women are Often Overwhelmed by All the Responsibilities they Face

The pressure on women today to be all things to all people is greater than ever before. Today’s women are expected to work full-time, throw Pinterest perfect parties, and live-in picture-perfect homes.

Women’s ministry can provide godly perspective on how to best use our time, talent and treasure.

8. The Bible Commands the Church to Have Older Women Train the Younger Women (Titus 2:3-5)

Don’t women naturally love their husbands and children? God knows that mothering is an intense job that lasts a lifetime.

God knew women would need other women who have gone before us, to remind us how important a role we play in our husband’s and children’s success and well-being.

9. Women Need Connection with Other Women Through All Life Stages

Nothing prepares a woman for the pain of childbirth, a colicky baby, postpartum depression, parenting challenges, empty nesting, menopause or everything in between.

Women need support and wisdom from other women because men are just not able to understand these challenges the way another woman can.

10. Information Doesn’t Bring Wisdom

While we live in the information age, common sense seems to be decreasing. I often think of the story of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, although the Emperor is walking around naked, the people keep telling him how nice his clothes are.

Women today need wisdom that only the bible can bring. Women’s ministry provides opportunity to teach biblical wisdom on a variety of issues.

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